President Obama,

The American people understand that a nuclear armed Iran is an existential threat to our ally Israel and indeed to the whole civilized world. Iran has stated a desire to wipe Israel off the map and kill Americans at any opportunity.

New evidence being presented by the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, is the final blow to any thought that negotiating with Iran will work. The American people are calling on your administration to Stand with Israel in its efforts to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and provide support for the defense of Israel’s homeland and people.

Mr. President we call on you to follow these principles and never waver in your support to our ally in our common goals of freedom and democracy.

1. Prevent Iran from ever attaining nuclear weapons capability

2. Support Israel directly and indirectly if she sees fit to militarily remove Iran’s nuclear threat

3. Encourage other nations in the middle east to publicly oppose a nuclear Iran and denounce rhetoric and violence against Israel

4. Support legislation aimed at strengthening the US-Israeli defense alliance

Mr. President, it is simple. A nuclear armed Iran threatens the stability of the Middle East, our allies in Europe and the entire free world. It is now more important than ever to unequivocally pronounce full support for Israel’s security. It is time for the USA to lead the free world and stop pandering and capitulating to those who want to destroy freedom and our way of life.


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